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300 PeriCam PSI delivered all over the world

Perimed has delivered more than 300 PeriCam PSI instruments to hospitals and clinics all over the world. Watch the video to see how PeriCam PSI is used as an excellent tool to estimate burn depth and its value in predicting the healing capacity of a burn wound. https://dreambroker.com/channel/ie0cnuxh/xccf1gmu

750 units of PeriFlux 6000 delivered worldwide

We are very proud to announce that we have sold the amazing number of 750 PeriFlux 6000 instruments worldwide to today’s date, and the latest unit was delivered to a well renowned clinic in the USA. The PeriFlux 6000 is the only system that performs a complete perfusion assessment in 20 minutes that meets the […]

Article in Dagens Medicin

Interesting article in Dagens Medicin: Nytt sätt att mäta graden av kärlpåverkan : https://www.dagensmedicin.se/artiklar/2020/09/25/nytt-satt-att-mata-graden-av-karlpaverkan/?utm_campaign=DagensMedicin-dagliga_200925Snabbsp%C3%A5ret%20f%C3%B6r%20skyddsutrustning%20f%C3%B6rl%C3%A4ngs&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua&elqTrackId=40a6b32b44a44fcf82d6527fad58085d&elq=abef24910b934c4ca9957898eb264c57&elqaid=35739&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=26072