Perimed helps combating Covid 19 complications

Discover how Perimed can help combat Covid 19 complications in the clinic with the advanced instrument PeriFlux 6000. The PeriFlux 6000 is showing the strong link between microvascular endothelial dysfunction and Covid-19 severity by measuring with its laser doppler flowmetry and local thermal
heating technology.

Letícia Sabioni et al, Systemic microvascular endothelial dysfunction and disease severity in COVID-19 patients: Evaluation by laser Doppler perfusion monitoring and cytokine/chemokine analysis, Microvasc. Res. 134 (2021),104119.

Leticia R Sabioni et al, Systemic microvascular dysfunction in COVID-19, Am J Cardiovasc Dis 2020;10(4):386-391

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Perimed active in world-leading bio-optical research

In the November issue of Journal of Biomedical Optics <>, Perimed has published two papers together with researchers from Linköping University. Both present new algorithms for calculating microcircular parameters from optical signals using machine learning methods and comprehensive tissue modeling.

The first, “Machine learning for direct oxygen saturation and hemoglobin concentration assessment using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy” <> describes how the tissue fraction of red blood cells and their oxygen saturation can be accurately and efficiently calculated, a method that is already used in PeriFlux 6000 EPOS <>.

The second, “Real-time video-rate perfusion imaging using multi-exposure laser speckle contrast imaging and machine learning” <>, describes how multiple exposure times can be used to calculate fast and accurate perfusion maps, a technique that may be implemented in future generations of our PeriCam systems <>.